Well, i've been playing guitar for a little over a year now, and bass has been catchin my attention, but i have some questions

First, i understand the importance of a good bass player within a band, but i've never seen a bassist jumping around the stage during a concert as with most guitar players? any reason why? Just something i've always wondered....

Second, how much different is it to play a bass then a electric guitar? Well there be an easy switch over?
are you kidding, whenever im on bass, im jumpin around mre than anyone,
you can expect though that it will be much harder to fret the notes you want because of the thick strings.
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there really inst that much differnce the notes are in the same place not as many chords get to use ur fingers never break a string bassest dont jump around because most people have no clue what a bass is and are wonedering why ur guitar is missing 2 strings just stand in the back and play
Well, it's up to the bassist whether he's going to jump around. Some do some don't. Bass playing, technically can be quite similar to guitar. Once you adjust to the fret size, and the finger playing (or picking depending) it will be a fairly simple switch over. But, what is not going to switch over so easily is your brain. You have the guitarist mentality right now. That's by no means a bad thing, but if you play bass with a guitarist mentality you will fail in the end. Your mind set needs to change with the different instrument.
theres a lot more different ways to play bass than guitar, and come on dude, watch some red hot chili peppers live. flea is everywhere. and bass generally has a warmer tone without a pick, so its best to leave that part out. the frets are a lot bigger too, which makes the reach slightly more difficult. otherwise, not much difference
Most guitarest are also frontmen, which means it's their job to jump around. Same with singers in some bands. But a lot of bands don't even have front men so most want have anybody jumping around. Unless your crowds awesome, then you can't help but dance and jump and go crazy. God I miss my live performances....

Anywho, bass is a lot more technical. You have to know your scales and chord structures, timing and rhythm, learn to lock in tight with the drummer, or you'll go Pete Wentz and start pounding root notes.

It's hard to make an awesome bass line, anyone can hit roots and they'll sound... well, not bad. They won't hurt the music, but then they don't do anything for the music. So vary your stuff. I found having a history of Music Theory and minor guitar skills really will help you out a lot in bass.g

For me it wasn't a hard thing, because I wanted to play bass and my mom made me start on guitar, I only played for about two months before I got my Electric Bass so it wasn't a hard adjustment skill wise to switch. Bass is a fun instrument and I hope you enjoy it.
Thax for the quick responses guys, i'm going to try my hand at bass , to see what i think.... One more question... how long will it take till i'm skillful in enough to play bass in a band?
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Thax for the quick responses guys, i'm going to try my hand at bass , to see what i think.... One more question... how long will it take till i'm skillful in enough to play bass in a band?


Root Notes- Tommorow

A Good Bass Lines- Could be a while

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Most bassist I see get ****ing crazy on stage. Accept for the scenester bands I've seen, those bassist usually just hang back by the drummer and move with the groove.
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Thax for the quick responses guys, i'm going to try my hand at bass , to see what i think.... One more question... how long will it take till i'm skillful in enough to play bass in a band?

It depends what your genre is, really. But generally speaking, after a few months of solid practice, you'd be able to join a band no problem. However, I'd recommend jamming with buddies as often as possible, even when you're just starting. That'll give you a lot of experience at a very quick rate.

Good luck!
Well, i've started the band, but after we lost or bassist, and after having alot of trouble finding another one, so i thought i would give it a try.... We play alternative/ rock, its alittle different because are lead singer is a girl...
Physically it will be a bit different, but somewhat similar.

However, how you go about making a bass line as apposed to a guitar lead is very different. I would suggest getting a beginner's book of some sort.
Adding on to the why bassist sometimes don't jump around and what not, is that they are the one's responsible for the base of the music (haha, no pun), they're usually the one's who are concentrating more on what's going on with the band, and trying to keep everything together, which requires for them to make sure they are hitting their notes and in the pocket. Of course, it's mainly a preference thing. I think I'll probably be pretty boring my first few shows, but I would like to show more presence. But yeah, +1 to most of what's been said.
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I used to play bass in the worship band for my church's youth group, and anytime we had faster/jumpy songs, I'd be jumping as much as everybody (in some cases more.) Even now, playing in a more laid-back Sunday morning service, I still move around a bit in my limited area. No jumping or anything like that obviously, but it's just how I play (I'd like to say something technical like "I do it to keep time," but honestly, I'm just restless.)