I have an "empty" myspace that I use only to communicate with other myspaces. I received my first comment today but it didn't show at the end of my myspace, I had to click on a link that said "comments" (on spanish) but now I can't see that comment bacause the "comments" link is gone.

Help me, please.
Wait, I thought ALL myspaces were used to communicate with other myspaces.
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hes using a communicationg myspace to communicate with a communicating myspace which are used for communicating. learn to communicate.

yeah, wtf is he talking about?
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Me thinks Senior needs to learn some ingles

me thinks gringo should shut the hell up.

its obvious english is not his first language.....
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Can you try to restate what you said?

So far I'm getting that you have an 'empty' myspace, as in you have a blank myspace with nothing on it. Then you got a comment.

I lost you after that, maybe you could send us a link to the page?
Who dat?
There should be a link under your picture that says comments. If there isn't then you have confused the hell out of me.

And why is everyone making fun of his English? He said everything fine, he just didn't say enough for people to be able to help him.

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