Well, I believe I've finally decided on an amp. A Palomino 30W. I'm getting a TS9, but I need a different OD pedal for metal. For metal, the hardest sound I'm looking for is Slayer at most. I was interested in a EHX Metal Muff with top boost, but are there any other pedals I should take a look at?
I haven't tried a Palomino, but I'm assuming even with an OD the Palomino won't do Slayer. Maybe the first album...
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You might be able to get a little metal with the od, but it will be more hard rockish unless you eq it right. But its prolly easier just to get a distortion pedal, and from all the recommendations the metal muff seems good, but if you have more money you could do better.
Dude, what kind of set up do you have??? I have a schecter c-1 blackjack and a marshall valve state 8080 with a twelve in it. I can get that "slayer sound" perfect. When I play "Blood Line" it sounds exactly like it. I played the song on my guitar at a party the other night and I got alot of applause. I'd stick with a marshall amp, a boss ns-2 noise suppressor, and a line 6 tonecore uber metal distortion pedal. Oh, and a guitar with a set-neck and mahogany body with either REAL emg or seymour duncans makes a hell-of-a difference too. My amp only has a single 12ax7 tube in the pre-amp. I try to keep my set-up simple but devastating.