Poll: Do you consider yourself a good guitarist?
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View poll results: Do you consider yourself a good guitarist?
43 36%
Yes but not enough to perform live
26 22%
I would perform live because I'm good enough
43 36%
I totally OWN!
8 7%
Voters: 120.
Simple question: Do you consider yourself good at guitar? Good enough to perform live? You can explain if you want.
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Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

Edit: at bass, not guitar
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depends on the songs
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I think I'm good, but only good, not better or anything, I'm playing at my school's pep rally next Tues. so I'll see.
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I think I am good enough to perform live because I have already done that and I did pretty good. I don't think I am amazing yet, but I think I am good enough to do that.
I really don't, Cause I've seen people who have been playing for less time than me, who are much better.
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I only put I totally PWN because I have performed live, and felt I was competent. There wasn't an option for that.
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I'd say I'd be good enough live. I'm not entirely sure what you mean though...Fallout Boy plays live...
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I only put I totally PWN because I have performed live, and felt I was competent. There wasn't an option for that.

awww i was expecting some noob to be like I CAN HAXOR YOUR ASS WITH MY GUITAR lol but ya i put im good enough to play live and stuff only because i have done it before and ive done it when one of those venues where theres no stage its like all one level which is sweet beucase guys will point at your guitar and be all like SWEEEEEET and then theres always one guy with poor motor skills who hits one of your strings -.-
I have played live a few times, nothing big mostly just school stuff, but i did it
good enough to perform live the key is, if you are having a good time the crowd should be too and confidence doesn't hurt don't be nervous cause that will make the crowd nervous for you as well, get up and kick come ass!
i got into a good practice sceduale at one point and got DECENT
but no, i'm not good
just noone at my school has seen a person play bass with any recognition of what they're doing
Some days I feel like I could own the universe, others I feel like a week-old player.

I guess I think I'm okay.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

I'm mediocre. I play live sometimes. I acknowledge the fact that both my singing and guitar-playing are just alright, but if I do both I seem talented.
I have never been booed off of a stage. I must of played for some very polite people.
How about an option for "I think I suck but everybody tells me I'm good and drag my ass out there to make a public spectacle of myself"
Have played hundreds upon hundreds of gigs and I still consider myself inept. But I have never had to duck.
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i suck, for now.
but im improving, ill admit that.

im sure everyone here agrees, that people who dont play guitar are so damn easily amazed! WTH just as long as there's distortion and a decent speed they'll drool and feel they need to brag about you.
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I'm good enough to play live, since I have played live a few times, but it sort of depends on what you think is good. I'm not a solo/shred guitarist, as I'm more of a riff-oriented/melodic solo kind of player, so many people wouldn't consider me good and some would.
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I feel confident playing live. I've been playing guitar for over 10 years now and played in live situations for about 5 of them, not always been that good but I'm getting better all the time I play.
I'm alright. Certainly not good enough to play live, but you know..
i play live all the time. i know my way around, but there's always room for improvement.
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I won my school talent show. i played an acoustic cover of everlong... so yeah.. i guess i'm good enough to perform live.
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I think I am good, but not enough to play live. Other people think I am good, and I think "wtf, that sucked."
Not really, I'd say I'm an intermediate player, I'm allot better than a beginner, but I'm light years away from "teh pros"
I am good at guitar, bass and drums. I have played them all live.
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Some days I feel like I could own the universe, others I feel like a week-old player.

I guess I think I'm okay.

same here
I've performed some solo stuff, and did this one thing with a band, and apparently people think i'm good, but honestly..... most of the people that saw me have no guitar experience anyway, so i'm amazing to them. but personally, i never felt like i was really all that great.... i could definitely do with some improvement having played for about two and a (insert creative fraction here) years.
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I'm good enough to play live. I mean live is the most important part of playing guitar, its not about record or money, its about how much fun you have playing the music you love live infront of people who want to hear (unlike people who don't want to hear it
I think I am good enough to play live, but I know once I plug in and mic up I'm gonna sound like s**t. My dad always tells me, 'Think you're good now?, wait tell you get miced up. That's when the real you shows up." I think that's true. It not only amplifies your playing, it also amplifies your mistakes too.

I've only been playing for a year and a half. I think if I wait and keep learning for another year or two, I could be good enough to play at like coffe shops and stuff. I don't really like the bar scene. It's too rough.
No i could but I want to be in top game so not yet
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I'm good enough to play some things live, others not so much.
In my current standards: I'm good.
In my future aspirations: I suck.
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