Hey sorry if this is in the wrong thread but there we are...

Any who as we all know Christmas is fast approaching and i am a little stumped for ideas, so i was wondering wat you guys thought about possible present ideas. just so everyone knows before everyone says "new amp" etc...

i got a vox valvetronix ad50vt for my birthday
i have a boss micro br to do recording

i was thinking possibly a guitar but i have a schecter omen 6 and so i would like to move up but i dont think that my dad will spend £500+ on a present for me so anyone got any ideas cheers and sorry again if this is in the wrong forum

- Schecter - Omen 6 (soon to have SD 59,Distortion)
- Admira Seville (Classical)
- Vox Valvetronix AD50VT
- Crybaby
- Digitech Whammy 4
- Behringer TU100 (tuner)
- Boss Micro BR
i would gte teh AIDS or teh HERPIES
i hear you can get it cheap from 13 year old girlies thesew days