What kind of effects are on the expression pedal?
I was messin around on the Boss ME-50 the other day and i was really diggin on the resonance and the +/- octave part as well as the wah and volume. However I didn't care for the ring mod effect. On the Line 6 I know there is the wah, volume and the thing where you can switch between the clean and dirty channels with the pedal, but what are the other ones?
Does it have the resonance and +/- octave and more?
If so what are some of the ones?
Also, does it have the picking dynamics thing like the GT-8 where the harder you pick it switches to distortion? And if it does can you turn it off?
the expression pedal can be used for wah and volume but also you can set it to control different parameters of you stomps, mods, reverbs and delays(drive/gain or the effects mix...alot of different stuff) . There is no resonance option or any kind of picking dyamic channel switching nonsense.