Whenever i try and write a chord progression to a song it always seems to come out boring and not very catchy, can anyone offer any suggestions for writing some catchy progressions?
Practice, practice, practice. I personally recommend a lot of practice and using some unusual chord shapes, and studying classical music progressions always helped. Look a lot at some acoustic stuff too, because you can learn a lot about writing a sick rock progression from that kind of thing.
use progressive motion, which is (if i'm not mistaken) going: down a third, a fifth or going up a second interval. meaning, if you're in C major, what would sound best would be to go to either E, G, or B. if you go to G what would sound most progressive would be B, D or F. play with that and it'll fix your "boring" problem. also, some cadences would work for ya, but that's another story, try to find an article or somthing on them.
'Catchy' is a hard thing to pin down because everyone has different opinions on what that constitutes, but if you're looking to add flavour or whatever to your progressions try different chord styles - suspended, 9ths etc.
A big part of 'catchiness' is rhythm. Think of an interesting rhythm to play
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