i just found out flogging molly is coming to my town in march but its a 21 and over show and i'll only be 17 at the time. so i was thinking how i could maybe sneak in and it inspired me to make this thread. what are some stories of you guys sneaking into concerts or maybe other funny concert moments.
I was at a metal concert with my uncle and I went to the mosh and he stood at the back holding his hands behind his back, whistling.
i was at a hellyeah concert on halloween and two guys behind me were dressed like bevis and butthead and they were smoking weed with some people.you just gotta love indiana
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i went to a switchfoot concert at the local university. me and my friends got boxed in by giant fat college girls who knew the lyrics to all the songs that the opening band did and insisted on singing them.
it was like lovedrug or something. they were pathetic. the singer's stage presence looked like epileptic convulsions and it sounded like crap, and lasted for the better part of an hour and a half. then we stood for an hour waiting for swichfoot, and it was awesome from there on out.
i thought i had magic fingers once, and had uncovered the fountain of love.

turns out my girlfriend was just peeing on me.
one time i was at a concert and i was upstairs watching this girl in the pit trying to hard core dance, and someone ran from the edge of the crowd and speared her. and this other time the day before halloween i saw big d and the kids table and someone dress up as jigsaw from saw. the lead singer saw him jump in the pit and everyone jump out and he was like "i'd jump out too, jigsaw is probably saying you've got 2 seconds to jump out of the pit and there's 20 knives in there, find a way out"
at a slipknot concert, my friend saw come couple banging in the front rows. I believe him, but I missed it by a minute or two lol
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heres one:

Green Day concert (not that the band has anything to do with the story anti-greenday people) like 2 years ago at Giant Stadium in new jersey. I was on the floor and i managed to make it all the way up towards the front. i had been drinking all day and by this time i was hammered and having the time of my life (no pun intended). i realized that i had to take a piss really bad and that there were 3 options - lose my spot, try to hold it in, and just go. yea i took the third because there was no way i was losing my spot all the way up and if i tried to hold it in i would piss myself. so i tried to somehow pee without anyone seeing and not getting it on anyone. unfortunately it hit the guy in front of me and, as beer drinkers know, it wasnt a quick piss. it must have been a good minute of me pising on this guys leg and he just kept looking back like no way this is happening. luckily he didnt do anything, probably cause all my friends were there watching. we laugh about it now but at the time it was the most awkward thing and they still cant believe i pissed all over some guy and he didnt do anything.