so i've been playing guitar for nearly 2 years, and am still using a squier starter pack that came with a squier strat and an SP-10 amp (the amp is absolute garbage, the guitar is good for beginners but not much else). I was wondering if it would be better to get a new guitar or a new amp.

if you think a new guitar, what is good for around $500 or less? i've been looking into the epi LP line, but really anything is an upgrade. I don't really play anything specifically, but what i listen to is heavy metal/classic rock orientated.

if you think a new amp, i really haven't done any research, and am open to all suggestions, still within the $500 range.
I'd definitely upgrade the amp first, but you're gonna have to narrow down your musical stylings in order for us to pick out something decent .
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For $500 you can find yourself a nice guitar and a decent small tube amp, and maybe a pedal or two. Look into Agile guitars, they are made in Korea just like midrange Epis but they are higher quality and at a much lower price. A small tube amp like an Epi VJ, Crate Palomino, smaller Peavy tube amps, etc. won't be horribly expensive if you want a cheap tube amp. There are some decent small solid state amps that might give you some more versatility for the buck too. A lot of people like going with Roland Cubes or Vox ADs.