What's the standard number for those things? I want to buy a new one, but I can't remember the bore size.

Tuba players! I need help!
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i can't remember exact size but, i'm in college and not a tuba player. i'm a music ed major and in brass techniques the instructor basically told us that the general rule for mouthpieces is that if the students have been playing brass for a few years now that there is no standard mouthpiece. the students should just go try new mouthpieces out and choose the one that best fits them
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as for the TS, i cant say i could make anything more than a guess (as ive played a few various brass instruments, but never the tuba). i would suggest running a quick google search if you havent yet
I think it's 24 W for the one I use, I think Besson or Hellburg makes it in those sizes. Ask your music teacher if you have to.
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