Hey, my friend is interested in learning to play the bass and i was wondering if anyone could direct me to a good free website or tutorial on this website that can help him learn. He is an absolute beginner, so nothing is to simple. Thanks!
Trust me - get a CD of one of your favourite songs. Get your pal to attempt to play along with it. Let them hack away at it away at it away at it until they finally get it, or most of it (assuming it's a rather simple line). What the dude learned sitting, trying to figure the parts out is something that could take months of traditional lessons.
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Here's what I'd do:

- Get something like a "Bass Guitar for Dummies" book. He'll learn basic theory, techniques, and a lot more valuable info in a book like that one.

- After reading the book, he'll know how to read tabs. After he knows how to read tabs, he can come to a place like UG and look up songs and then learn to play them. By playing real songs, especially ones he likes, he'll gain skill pretty quick.

- He should also get his own equipment. A beginner's bass and small amp will do...just enough to get him started...well, get whatever fits in his budget, but he shouldn't blow too much money on his first set of gear, as he doesn't know how much he'll like the bass (odds are, he'll love it. But just to be safe... )

Well, I'd go ahead and do all of those things...if he has any more questions, you or him are welcome to send me a message