okay guys, I was just watching IFC, and they had this movie called CAMP on it. so I watched it, and it was pretty cool if any of you have seen it. Now I've already done some searching for this song that the main character, Vladimir, plays on the acoustic guitar. If you know what the song is called, and if UG has a tab for it, please post. If you know what it is, and would like to help me tab it out, that would also be greatly appreciated. Now I'm not one to make threads like these, but this is REALLY important, cuz I want to surprise my girlfriend with it. She really likes hearing people play for her. I'm not trying to get anything in particular from this, and I know this is going to end up being an,"you shouldn't play guitar to get girls" thread, but those are not my intentions. And now that I've finished rambling on and on and on about something that you probably don't care about, I'm going to post this and do more searches. Thanks for your help, or at least for reading it

-teh Wiz?