I posted this in my build thread, but I figured I'd get better, quicker answers if I made a seperate thread...
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edit: I think I'm going to order the finishing supplies from LMII, they're the only place I could find that both ships to Canada and that I've heard good reccomendations towards. Will I be alright with one of each of the the blue and black dyes (clicky) they sell? The page says it makes 1 - 2 quarts with 1/2 oz. of dye, so that's enough to finish the entire body with a bit left over to use on the headstock/control cavity cover, correct? Or should I get an extra of each just to be sure I have enough to experiment with to get the right colour I want/ test it out on my offcuts of the flamed maple?
Also, will this water-based finishbe fine on top of the dyes I mentioned?
Any other reccomendations on places to buy, ect. are appreciated, as well.
Thanks for any help.

To sum that up, I want to know if 1/2 oz. of each dye (makes 1 - 2 quarts each when mixed) is enough to finish the top, control cavity cover, and headstock. Or if I should buy one more of each to experiment with the concentrations/ colours/ practice on offcuts.
Also, I'd like to know if there are any concerns with the clear finish I mentioned. I wouldn't expect there to be, I'm just checking to be sure, though.

Thanks again,

...anyone? If I don't get any help soon, I'll just buy two of each to be safe, but I'd rather not go ahead and buy two, only to end up finding out that one of each is more than enough...