Anybody try this pedal yet? Ive found a few reviews and all seem to be very good....but other than that, info is slim(lots of info on the AD 9 in general....just not much on the keeley modded one). Not many comparisons to other good ones either.

Im in the market for an analog delay, true bypass, and nothing too fancy. I will use the effect sparingly and mostly for a "spacial" effect to fill clean and/or some solo playing. So yeah once again....nothing fancy needed, just a good clean, warm delay with few repeats. The keeley modded ibanez AD 9 sounds good for my tastes. How do you like it, and how does it stack up agains others out there?

Another one that caught my attention is the malekko echo 600. Its definitely a little more pricey(at the high end of my price range....I dont intend to spend over 250 bucks). Im liking it also, but I wonder....is the basic tone and quality of the delay really any better? Or is the extra money really about the features(little more delay time.....crazy types and amounts of oscillation....none of which matters a lot to me). Thanks guys.
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