Anyone got any advice on how to write a good song that isnt about love or isnt really corny. I play blues/rock/jazz so im not really into the whole death/ satanic stuff. Also I'm 13 so i dont exactly have a life story i cant write about. Any suggestions would be great.
some ppl tell a story about a person going thru a day or something like that. or you could write about some injustice or a big issue in today's world (but then that gets into the more political/punk aspect)
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... why is it that people automatically seem to link political issues with punk? I guess Bob Dylan proved them wrong a hundred times. However, to answer the question, you're 13, so what, 13 years of life should do easily. Just think of something that moves you. A person, an idea, a certain situation, there tons of inspirations out there, just open your eyes. Start forming a few catchy lines, shape it in a chorus and then combine it with verses thematically arranged around the chorus and there you go. Of coures this sounds easier than it actually is, but all you've got to do is take some time and give it a shot ...
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