Hi all. I've been playing roughly for 6 months now. I am under 5' tall (4'10, actually) and I currently have a full sized guitar. At this point, any trouble I've had thus far I've associated with the typical pains of learning-- but I was wondering if my smallness will/already has hinder(ed) me learning to play the guitar? And, if so, is there anything I can do to help myself?
Ever seen Marty Stuart play?? hes only a couple inches taller than you and plays like nobodys buisiness.
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my penis is only 3' 5", and it manages to play a full sized guitar pretty well.

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my penis is only 3' 5", and it manages to play a full sized guitar pretty well.

and by "3'5"" you mean 3.5 centimeters.
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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Mm. Okay, thanks..? (Especially to Mr. Penis' inspiring story.)

I just thought maybe a smaller sized guitar would perhaps be better suited.
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well bro, get a mini strat and hot rod the pickups if you have to....

Sis. :] And I'm more into acoustic than anything, but I'll definitely keep in mind the mini strat.
Reduced_Fat is correct. Angus Young is only 5' 2" and can play the hell out of an SG.

Is your problem that you can't reach the end of the neck up by the nut or are you just concerned about slow progress?
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You could get a guitar with a shorter scale length if stretching is a problem.
It shouldn't be a problem if you have long arms. You could maybe get a custom guitar but it seems like a waste of time. Your body will learn to stretch and play things. Just give yourself more time than is usual.
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Yes, as a general rule, ppl under 5 ft will have trouble playing a full size dreadnought acoustic. Try to get your hands on a smaller body guitar. Check out the FAQ in the acoustic and classical forum for more info on different body shapes/sizes.
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Hey I'm that height too. You just basically got to keep practicing. I'm not completely sure if this is a good solution or not but until someone says other wise you could using a capo on the third free or so to shorten your stretching reach maybe? Can someone who's more knowledgeable than me confirm this or not?
I don't buy that just because you are not of "normal" height that it should prevent you from successfully learning to play the guitar. I mean, take a look at all the people who have overcome adversity due to their unique physical challenges and you will soon realize that you are no different than me, or her, or the other guy. You are unique is all.
Steven Hawking comes to mind, and what a mind! His body is useless, but he didn't let that deter him from expanding on Einstiens theory. You go with what you got, and make the most of it. Maybe if you are having problems reaching parts of the guitar, adjust how you are holding it. Rest it on the other leg, turn a different way or try it standing. You aren't locked into any one proper way of playing after all. Experiment and home in on what suits you best as an individual then run with that.
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TS, I am on the smaller side as well and I bought a full size one to begin with because I didn't know any better but it was very difficult to play with my small body and small hands so I did A LOT of research and I found this bad boy:


I know it is quite a bit of money but the 15/16 scale makes a huge difference--it is so much easier to play and is one of the best sounding acoustics I've ever heard : ) I absolutely love that thing!

If you ever get into playing the electric guitar take a look at the Ibanez one's because they have extremely thin necks which are quite a bit easier to play than a big ass Gibson or pretty much anything else actually...

One last thing...I used to think just like you because of my small hands and small body but just be thankful you have a body and have hands. Just watch the video on youtube of the guy playing with his feet because he has no hands or the super small Asian girl (sorry, don't have links--I know not much help) but you can do it, although I haven't learned barre chords yet

And no, I realize I am not AS small as you, but I can guarantee you I'm WELL below average, heh.
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Doh, I didn't notice he said acoustic...
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Get a mini strat or a les paul cuz theyre shorter scale than others, 24 3/4" to be exact
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this is totally off topic, but it would be sweet to see someone under 5' tall, doing the "Guitar Swing"
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