Right.So I have this guy who's trying to sell me some so called Gibson replicas cheap. Can this guy be trusted?Do they really come with the exact specifications or should I just forget about getting from this guy?The Gibson logo does look like those fakes running around eBay. http://libertinsounds.blogspot.com/ .Anyone here can confirm if they're just the regular china fakes?
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"I have only currently these 2 copy guitar for sale, it is the supreme series of Les Paul and it has the same function and better sound than any Epiphones you may find for sale in malaysia.
Well also I thank you all for your inquiries to me on the coming new stocks, Bros, I promise that once the shipment is in, I'll let you all know first hand. However those wish to receive first hand update about existing and new stocks, you can directly add me to your msn using the same email address or just email me to keep your contact. I know a number of you really love it."

that should answer your question
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