Hey, so I am planning on getting a new amp (something hopefully around 300W or more). And I was wondering if anyone here knew if Guitar Center usually has good deals for Black Friday, and if so, what are typically the price cuts. That would help me out so much.

(BTW, I'd prefer Ampeg or possibly SWR, I have a 15" 120W combo amp, and I like to play metal/hard rock, but as well as jazzier numbers, :P)
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i'm pretty sure GC has a 20% of on Black Friday this year from 8-10 AM, I'm planning on going to the one near me...hopefully.
I would think all of them, but I'm by no means sure. But generally when a chain does something, all the stores do it.
even i'm not really sure, but since i buy stuff there every now and then i got a thing in my mail saying that, and it doesnt say the location specifically on the mail, so i'd say since it's a chained retailer that most if not all would be under the same ownership.
What's Black Friday?

Is it something to do with the holiday rush to buy presents or summit?

Ohh I remember. Isn't it like the day where most retailers finally get into the black from the red?

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black friday is the day after thanksgiving in the US. it's generally when everyone does their holiday shopping because there are a lot of sales at stores.
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