Stop, panic, rid of all control
Looked all ways, with no place to go
Time stands still, hour long minutes pass
Minds are brittle, fragile as glass

Eyes stretched wider, sweat tickles down
Alone in your head, gasping as you drown
Lips quickly quiver, hands mimic the motion
Cold, dark, dreamless in Fear's ocean

The inability to swim is your own success
Your mind confines, as you fail to progress
Conjured up shackles bolt you to the floor
Time ticks on, but enough remains to win the war

Calm your breathing, let the epiphany come
Cease swinging wildly, it's useless to run
Clear thoughts will aid the time of convalescence
Watch all the horror vanish in it's evanescence

Eyes undisguised, observe all that you see
His ocean dispersed, nothing enslaves your feet
Drowning no more, only perfect skies to embrace
Let Fear burn in effigy, and laugh in it's disgrace

This Fear that lived, built by your hands
Your trepidation, perished by your command
If you gave it life, then it can be destroyed
The anguish suffered, is what you deployed

Fear only breeds inside of your mind
Only yourself holds you confined
Your eyes only view what your mind permits
What's in your heart, determines if it exists