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Hi!, this is kind of an experimental piece I have had in my mind for over 6 months but couldn't get into power tab because I couldn't get the rhythm right. Finally here it is, but I'm not completely happy with it, I'm not sure about the overall flow and the middle section ... so any suggestions or crits are welcomed . Thanks.

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every single part of this song seemed so well thought out and it flowed flawlessly. excellent song 10/10. keep making more songs like this, and you will have a devoted fan in me. btw, thanks for the crit on my song!
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Its a great song, are there words? it would be great with some words because if it was an instrumental it fall short of being perfect, but with some nice lyrical work it would be a masterpiece.
good stuff.
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it was amazingly well done, if i do say so myself

i especially liked the sweeping part

got a little repative after awhile
mabey another guitar soloing over it here and there just for a litle bit of change
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This is a well thought out song. Gj Love the intro and the and sliding up and down was awesome. Very catchy waw and u realy sticked to the intro witch is good. Theres no solo witch i like since this cud be just a one man song. And thats about it since i cant find anything wrong with it. Lyrics wud make it Epic since these kind of songs usualy tend to have lyrics.
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I liked the happy chords in the intro, but when the lead came in I found it didn't really fit. I mean, it was in tune of course, it just doesn't go with the mood of the song. With Lyrics and a good singer, this song could be something else entirely. What I see here is sort of a dullish instrumental, but record it with lyrics and it'l be perfect. Slow down was a great sort of bridge part, and had a great little riff solo I enjoyed.

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yeah definitely some lyrics are in order...maybe some bass too, just to give it a little backbone...the fretless bass on there is pretty good for that sort of thing...i liked the transitions and all, it just got a little repetitive in my opinion...liked it though


thanks for the crit!!!!

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I liked it as an instrumental, I thought it was quite brilliant, not repetitive, although I can see how it could be. However, when you mention singing I can imagine it, kind of Foo Fighters type singing, but that might turn it into just another typical song (unless you do it well) and I would keep the other instruments out of it as well- was a good idea, but you could, if your going to add singing, add a keyboard at some bits.

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