20%, woo! But the question is.. what time to I have to get there

This is the guitar center in manhattan, new york... so my guess is its oging ot be crowded? ._.... ive only been there once (not on black friday), awesome store.

I want to pick up a Palomino v8 a case for my guitar, and a pedal.

The store opens at 8 am, the sale ends at 10.

Any tips, things I sohuld know or look out for?
Go to the store and know where the stuff is / possibly make friends with an employee working to have some things reserved/ you know where things are.
So does that mean that its 20% off everything or only certain things in the store
Yes, it's 8-10 am.
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Yea im gonna try and go wednesday or thursday morning.

But even so, whats a decent time to get there so I can ensure I get what I want and get the hell out of there quickly? And how crowded are we talking here >_>
Its this friday? Is it just a huge sale? I'm not familiar with Black Friday. Ellaborate please?

Edit: Oh wait, is black friday the sale after thanksgiving? Didn't know it was given a name like that.

Why is it from 8am-10am? Only 2 hours? damn.
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Blck Friday is a huge american day where stores give discounts on things. Typically there are items that undergo HUGE savings.

Ex: 1000 dollar tvs instead of 2500, 200 dollar laptops, 80 dollar nintendo wiis.

Guitar Center has 20% off everything =].. and its only 2 hours because 20% is a lot of money off... especially if youre buying more expensive items.

Ill be saving 40 on my amp and about 20 on the case.
Usually when i go to guitar center on some regular days its pretty crowded and its usually even more crowded on days when they have sales. As far as good times to get there, there really isn't any especially with a two hour limit but thats just how its been for me.
i only noticed the sale listed on only ONE of the five stores in the phoenix area....are they limiting the sales to specific stores??
You guys do realize...you can call in your order too...
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