been experimenting with strings for down tunings like open c# so i got some "not even slinky" set of strings and i have an rr3 so the bridge rises about half an inch after i tune it. for the bridge to rise all of a sudden from being flat should i make an adjustment or is this how its suppose to be?

or is it just adjusting to the tension on the neck from the strings?
You must tighten the screws in the back of your body. It might take a few retunings to get the bridge level with the body again.
no, no, no. this is the most overlooked part of changing strings on a trem. you NEED TO BLOCK THE TREM when you change strings so that it stays flat and cant move up like that
You're welcome

Those Floyd Rose trems might be a bitch to set up properly, but once you got it setup they stay put for weeks.

edit: to the guy above me, you don't need to do that if you change strings one at a time..