hey guys for xmas i am looking to get a left handed bass guitar i was wondering of the ones that i am looking at, what one would you guys recommend and if theres something else in the $400-500au price range that you would think would be better please tell me!

Ibanez GSR200FM $500 http://www.guitar.com.au/guitars/bass/ibanez/eb_page1b67.html

Yamaha RBX270 $465 http://www.guitar.com.au/guitars/bass/yamaha/RBX270.htm

Washburn XB120 $470 http://www.guitar.com.au/guitars/bass/washburn/XB120.htm

I listen to alot of metal like arch enemy, in flames, megadeth, iced earth, CoF etc. and the reviews for the washburn say thats its a great beginner metal bass also i do plan to learn how to slap aswell..
i all ready have an amp ( Behringer Ultrabass BX1200 )
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I would suggest you buy the Ibanez. And then throw out your Behringer and buy yourself a decent amp. The Yamaha and Washburn wouldn't suit your style, or the style you are tending to.
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And then throw out your Behringer and buy yourself a decent amp.

Dude!! he's asking about fairly beginner basses... what makes you think he can afford or would even need a new amp!!??

I agree with eaton1012, try to get somewhere where you can play them. Chances are you walk away with a different guitar than you planed on. I was set on buying either a Peavey or a Squire but walked away with an Ibanez GSR200FM!
First off, you linked to the Yamaha RBX374 not the 270.

Can't speak in regard to the other two but I own the 270 and I love it. Highly recommend it as a beginner bass. Nice range of tones for the price, and personally I think it has a great bright and slap tone. I play metal and it works good for that too. I'd say try them all out though, and see which suits you best.
I'd go with the Ibanez, for your style of playing. But the Washburn would work too. To be honest, I personally hate Yamaha's basses...but that might just be me.
thanks for the replies, i got given the amp a few days ago so im not really going to go look at selling it and getting a new one right away.

how many frets would be the minimum, would 20 be cutting it close?
also i will try them out when i do go in the next week.
I'd vote for the Ibanez. I play one and im totally satisfied with it. I think its probably the best in this price range. But if you can afford a few more dollars i suggest You should consider the Ibanez SRX series for example this one: http://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/eb_page.php?AREA_ID=3&PAGE_ID=259&COLOR=CL01
its not much more expensive (at least here in Hungary) but it's a lot better. It has 24 frets and MM pickups. Also the electronics are better. (i dont know if the GSR200 you want to buy is passive or active but i meant this for the active version)
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u said up to #500??

look at this

its a very nice sounding, nice looking "metalish" bass.

oh ya and i dont know where you're getting $500 for
that ibanez...
its only a $230 bass

holy hell
looking at the store that seems to be the cheapest in Australia it costs $1,369 that and im left handed not right handed,
its a pitty that musicians friend only ship a limited number of brands and hardly any of them make guitars/basses internationally.

thanks for the suggestions it looks like my first pick will be the ibanez but i will try them all.