First, I'm a bassist. So I don't have a clue about this. And my guitarist is far away & without an internet connection.

We've been asked to play a few songs on my cousins party, hes turning 40, and the guests are also around that age. A moderate amount of alcohol is also a factor, and AC/DC fits the situation perfectly. We also do an own version of Misirlou. We normally play progressive metal, so this is just a fun side project. One which we are not really familiar with. We play it perfectly, its no hard stuff, but the problem is this:

We need 2 good amps for the occasion.

My guitarist has a Schecter Omen-7, and my keyboardist (who is now temporary 2nd guitaist) har a cheap Cort strat. Economy is hardly a factor, i have contacts who have other contacts, who is in charge of all the scenework at this party. He now wants to know what we want.

Simple as that, what amps would fit? Settings would be nice to get some tips about too.

Thanks in advance!
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Marshall or Wizard amps. End of story, but don't expect to get a Wizard easily, theres a 3 year waiting list and it's expensive as hell. Oh n get Gibsons and Gretsch guitars for the Angus/Malcolm sound.
Marshall makes great amps for AC/DC though expensive of course. If you wanna keep prices down why don't tou go buy a pedal each that has a good rock sound and use your old amps alot better sound for less money i'd say.
Thanks for the suggestions, but we don't have anything better than practice amps, since the place we practice at has their own amps which are of satisfying quality. And we hadn't really planned to start giging until summer.

But, as stated above, they can provide almost anything we want at the party. Of course that includes pedals too, and possibly guitars.

Thanks for your help, really appericiate it.
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You can use any amp for a good AC/DC sound, remember there sound is simplistic, and just to clear it up not every AC/DC song is easy . Obviously the best choice would be a Marshall but i use a behringer so you really can use any amp.

If you want the Angus' sound lay of the gain put the treeble to around 7 and the bass to around 3 this will get you to his old classic style ( Bon Scott) and if you want the sound he uses at Donington then he uses more gain but not too much or you will just ruin the sound.

If you want malcolm's sound then put your gain on 1, treble on 8 and bass on 4-5 this will get the rhythm sound for AC/DC.

Yours Faithfully AC/DC's No.1 Fan

P.S you dont need a gibson or a gretsch just two guitars that have high output pickups but it is vital you have two guitarists or its not AC/DC.
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Ah! A nice long answer!

Yes, of course everything isn't easy. Especially the solos. But we already learned all the songs (an edit there, of course it is "songs", in plural) we are gonna play, so no problem there.

2 guitarists, check.

Really good tips with the settings, so far we haven't bothered with the sound, just learned the song basically. Great.

The only thing would be if you had any suggestions for any specific model YOU would choose for this? Would make it alot easier to decide.

But thanks alot for all the tips so far!
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Actually called Mark!

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People with a duck for their avatar always give good advice.

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i wanna see a clip of a recto buying some groceries.

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Wouldn't a Peavey Windsor do AC/DC well?

Exactly my thoughts. It's supposed to be decent for some crunch sounds. Very affordable all tube stuff.
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Marshall JTM45 would be my option for AC/DC....

if they can get hold of an old Marshall Plexi for you then great...if not then one of the new handwired series would most definitely suffice.

As much as I adore Orange, they do lack that proper Marshall bite which is vital for an authentic AC/DC sound.

The Peavey Windsor would probably do the trick too.
Basically anything valve with a vintage voicing.

The guitar is less important...
however humbucking pickups are essential.

Recommendations include:

Gibson SG (obviously)
Gibson Les Paul
Epiphone SG G-400
Epiphone Les Paul (one of the higher spec ones)

Right, that should have you about set....there's a range of prices in that little lot, enjoy!
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