I've been wanting to take up guitar for a while now, and for Christmas I am planning to get myself a guitar (my girlfriend is paying for half, whilst I am using some Christmas money to cover the other half). So I have a few questions.

1. Should I start with an acoustic or an electric? In all honesty I would use both pretty evenly...but the electric would get used more. The other could always be bought later on anyway. But what do you guys think?

2. I'm not going to be able to spend a great deal on a guitar. About $200 Australian all up. But I if I get an electric I am willing to shell out a bit more to get an amp and whatnot. With that in mind, what kind of guitars should I be looking at?

3. I've had a lot of friends who've played guitar, and a few of them started with electric and said that they found it more enjoyable because they simply found it more fun to play than an acoustic. Most of them had Squier Strat's (seen some for about $180 Australian) to start with, which is one of the guitars I'm kind of looking at. Do you guys reckon one of these would be an alright beginner guitar?

4. Um, for a beginner, how many watts would I want an amp to be if going for electric? And price?

5. None of my friends give me a straight answer, but what do you guys find to be the best picks to use? Light, medium or heavy? All my friends just say its up to you. >_>.

6. In reality I would probably prefer to start with electric guitar... but would it be a disadvantage to me for when I want to play acoustic?

I may have more later... sorry for having so many questions, I just want to be really sure about this before spending my money.

Thanks in advance.
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1: start with whichever you would like to play first.

2: some kind of starter kit, either ibanez, squire, or yamaha would do just fine. amps come packaged with starter kits, so no need to worry about that.

3: as above. squire strats are fine, as are lower end ibanez and yamaha for beginners.

4:as above, an amp will come with your starter kit. if not, look for something small, like a 5-10 watt.

5:probably best to start off with a medium, then when you can play something, try some different sizes out and see which you prefer.

6:not really. an acoustic would be an advantage to you before an electric slightly, but not enough to worry about.

no problem, we all had the same questions when we started out.
1. if ur gonna be playing both acoustic and electric stuff, then u should get an electric. even though they are alot different, u'll manage to learn alot more on an electric.

2. at higher levels, it really depends wat kinda music u play, but as a beginner, any kind of guitar will do for u to learn, as long as it isn't a piece off trash with strings on it.

3. it's alright as a beginner's, but there are some guitars that are more worth the money if u look around. i had one to start with, and it was ok but eventually i got a new one about a year later. if ur willing to spend a bit more, maybe look into epiphone guitars.

4. if ur just gonna be playing at home, 15 watts is more than enough. i'd recommend a microcube, or a line 6 spider (the cheapest one) if u want to experiment with effects. line 6 spider-hating is very popular around here, but if its gonna be one of the 15 watt ones for practice and experimenting with effects, it's ok. for prices, go on www.musiciansfriend.com to find reasonable prices.

5. i would go with at least medium, and heavy if u want to play some heavier and faster riffs.

6. no, other than the fact that ur fingers might get used to the electric guitar neck which is thinner, but with enough pratice u'll be ok
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Do whatever you want, do what is most comfortable for you. But remember dont spend money on things that aren't worth peanuts. Always buy of a trusted website or even better go to a shop and ask to get a feel of the guitar there's nothing worse than getting a guitar and it been poor.
to be honest, i find low end behringer stuff to be pretty ****ty. if you have a small guitar/music shop near you (not some corperate place thats just looking to sell sell sell) then ask the person behind the counter. they will more than likely help you find something that suits you.
They're all pretty much the same at that price.

Anyway, basically, heavy picks are better for heavy songs with lots of power chords and such, while light picks are best for....bright songs. Just get medium, which are good for both. You can specialize later.

Electric is interchangeable with acoustic, but not so much vise versa.

Why is your girlfriend paying for half?
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In my opinion (not the only one, not the best one), just get a cheap electric, one of those strat copys that everyone had at one point.

It's not impossible to play a low-quality guitar by ANY means, and you'll love the feel of a nice guitar when you DO move on to one.

Just put nice strings on the guitar, polish it well and keep it in decent condition, it won't let you down.

good luck
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Why is your girlfriend paying for half?

She's paying half as her Christmas + Birthday present for me. :P

Thanks guys, this is helping a lot.
The behriger is okay.A local music shop near you may have Casino's or similar.They are strat shaped (like the squier you mentioned).I don't think you will find them in a place like Billy Hyde,just a small shop.You can also get slightly better packs for $300 extra or so but since you are starting they do not matter that much