so my dad says he has a way of seeing wich sites i go to even if i delete history so i wanna know how he does this...

Ive had a few ideas on how he does this but they all dont work.

eg. temporary internet files....

i was wondering what he does ... i know its a folder somewhere on the computer...

some one help?
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Internet options
view temporary internet files
select them

I may have missed a step or 2 in there....

Maybe you could download an alternate browser, like firefox (if you use IE)
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use firefox...you can clear all history-related stuff with just a couple of clicks.
Start>Control Panel>Internet Options

Under browsing history click setting>view files

There is the temporary internet files.
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Yeah just get CCleaner. It clears out everything traceablewith one click. Helps your comp run faster, too.
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