hi guys,

I posted another thread about this, but before i got enough answers, i got silly, then everyone else got defensive, then i got worse, so I'll post it nicely here.

I got a Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker for my lame strat copy, to hold me out until i get another guitar, a cheap but quality brand-name one, sometime in june.

My question/s:
---what problems might i encounter?
---what can i do to get the best tone out of this pickup?(i know it's not gonna be great on this guitar, but it's temporary)
----are there any calibration issues?(ie width of the pickup, placement, etc)
---how brilliant do i have to be to do it myself?

I am removing all three of the single-coils, and have the equipment to carve out the body a bit.

thanks guys,
Excellent, that's what I like to see in a thread.

Now, for answers:

*Do you have the right pots and a pickguard that's been routed for a humbucker? You will need a 500k log pot for volume and a 500k linear pot for tone. If you don't have the humbucker-routed pickguard, you can either hack at your existing one and just live with the two empty pickup cutouts or look around for a black Strat pickguard.
*Tone is subjective, that being said you're going to have a LOT of treble with your setup. You could look into using 250k pots to see if they tame a bit of the top end, or just dial it down through your amps EQ.
*If you've got a pre-routed pickguard, excellent! It should just be a matter of placing the screws through the holes and adjusting the pickup to whatever height gives the best tone to your ears. Fortunately you don't have to worry too much about lining pole pieces up as your pickup uses twin rails, but still try to get them relatively centered.
*It's not really a question of brilliance. A good hand with a soldering iron, a good idea of what you're doing and a bit of patience is all you need to make installing your pickup a breeze.

EDIT: Another problem you might encounter is that there is insufficient routing to fit your pickup in, but you might get lucky and have swimming pool or humbucker routing already. If it's just routed for single coils, you will need to use a router/chisel/something similar to carve out enough room to fit the pickup in. Be fairly careful with this, you can make a messy job of your guitar rather easily.
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thanks the random hero, great help and great info, i'll be good in the future, don't wanna give aussies a bad name.

I'm not bad with a soldering iron, and my stepdad is great with one (also a quick learner with electronics)

I don't mind hacking apart the pickguard, i'm gonna paint it pretty soon anyway.

the routing and stuff i don't entirely understand, i haven't done enough research and reading to know about it, but I'll read some more tonight.

thanks again, you rock