Im new to the lyric writing what not its not done yet just looking for some feedback

One more day to one last hour
One more night to one last shower
One more beer here’s to you
But that’s only to calm the nerves
Oh it seems I did everything right
No more regrets in my filling head
No more thinking of the stories that you said
To me

Here we go i'm on the plane
18 hours to glory and fame
Did I do everything right tonight
Everything echoing in my head
All those things that you said
Looking at the ground below
As we fly out to the big show
Morale is empty and spirits are low
But we got to do something right
Can’t just sit back and watch them die
We got to fight for equality fight for free trade
At Least that what they said to me
I do like it, kind of depressing, which is what you were going for, I assume. There's a few lines that kind of threw me off, like "equality to fight for free trade", and just the generalized pronouns (they, I, we) but don't get me wrong, if it isn't done yet, there is time to shape this into something that you can truly be really proud of! Good job