Well, i just recently bought a new Ipod (the 80Gb) as mine recently was destroyed, and i've been trying to register it, and i cant! so i can't put music on it or anything!
when i connect it it shows the software agreement for Itunes 7.5 (the version i have) and i click 'i agree' and click save, and it saves the document, and then it doesn't do anything. The only thing i can do with my Ipod is eject it.
Also, in Itunes, in that agreement, theres no scrollbar to scroll the page sideways, so could it possibly be i'm missing something that would fix it? and if i am, how do i get it back?
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ur screwed..... call apple? :O :P
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delete apple software.. install better software


or call apple
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Yeah, have you tried reinstalling iTunes altogether?
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