Hey there!

I'm asking if anyone knows tabs/chords or wants to tab the songs of Thelonious Monster like Try and so on.

Tabs of the Band Bauhaus like 'All we ever wanted was everything' would be great.

And last but not least some more of Bicycle Thief.

As you might guess I'm from Germany and those Bands are pretty unknown and there are no CD's available...what makes me kinda sad,because I just love the music they play!
And Bob Forrest is a perfect Mastermind who also inspired John Frusciante - I think.

Hope there are some who read this and who are tab-pros or who just love the music like I do and someone posts some tabs/chords

see ya

Dude I myself have tabbed every song of the Bicycle Thief from their album, so they're all on UG.

I'm not sure about Thelonious Monster, I haven't tabbed any of their stuff and I don't plan to in the near future.
Yeah Bob Forrest was a big influence for Frusciante, I love his version on Dying song. Nice to see more Forrest, Bicycle Thief and Frusciante etc enthusiasts
I know. I'm glad that you tabbed them...the songs are so great. I like Hurt and the Cereal Song best....pretty the only two songs I could caught to hear

It's too bad that Thelonious Monster songs aren't tabbed...but perhaps someone finds the time to work on it. It would be so great!