I'm thinking of buying a refurbished Epi LP, so I could save some cash.
Is that a bad idea?
Has anyone buy a refurbished guitar before (specially a Epiphone Les Paul?
Are they totally new?
What are the differences between a Blemished and Refurbished item?
Thank in advance guys.
I wouldnt take the chance man, go to a local guitar store and play some used ones and buy one of those so you at leastk now what you're getting yourself into. If you dont really care about the looks of your guitar, or the fact that it could come totally screwed up, then buy a blem guitar, if it sucks, send it back and keep buying them until you get a good one, but really, just go play some used stuff.
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I wouldn't buy a new Epi LP Std .

Blemished means they have a small finishing flaw.

Refurbished means they were returned because of a defect and fixed.
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Some bash the epis alot. There are good ones and not so good ones. I have a epi LP standard and it plays really well. But I have played others that would have made good fire wood. Cant say I would take a risk on a refurbished guitar. Makes you wonder where they get em to refurbish them. Cant say I have ever taken a guitar in to trade and they send it back to be "refurbished". More than likely its the ones people returned because they werent any good and the company didnt want to take the hit on the guitar. So they do some half ass fix and put it in a box again. Hoping if they drop the price a little they wont lose any money. Best bet is try one at a store so you can see if its any good before you throw down any money.