Just working to achieve the same tone that I have live on the computer. Not quite there.. and I was using a little more overdrive than I usually use. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.

youre saying youre not happy with that tone?
I creamed my pants, man it's great!

EDIT: I also really like your phrasing
Thnx Freth..

Well.... Like... I like what I got there. But I am trying for just a little bit cleaner sound, although with the same punch. Its hard to get.

I didn't have my TS9 yesterday when I recorded.. but what I think I am going to do, which will get me closer, is have my TS9 at about 9 (drive), and then run the Fulldrive with comp-cut settings (clean boost). Then fix the tone controls on the pedals/amp/guitar to see what I can come up with.

Also another thing was basically trying to record the exact tone from my amp, but its hard.. For one, I don't even know what kind of condensor mic I have, I found it. lol

Now.. I am off to work on some bluegrass lol.
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Man that is a wicked tone, any better is almost unachievable. Good job though man.
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As the title says, i busted a nut lol
how much do they cost to fix?