i know there is a couple of smart dudes out there who knows about computers and stuff, and also i don't go to any other forums, so its the only place i can ask

i have a VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP video card, that was built into my computer when my dad got it. The thing is i can't play any decent games, like a couple of months ago, i bought the X-men games, the last one that is, and it didn't work, i was soo pissed because you can't return pc games...so there goes 40 bucks

and also i just got age of empires III, the game seems to work in windowed mode, but sometimes it gets very laggy.

all i want is to play games on my computer again, even though i have a ps2, some games just aren't the same without the pc.

any help with what i can do with this problem? because i want to play games on my computer again
Does it get laggy just suddenly and works fine for a moment? I don't know if that's good video card or not, but I had once similiar problem with mine. The card heated up badly and games started lagging because my powersupply wasn't strong enough. Might be it?
hmm well what i noticed was, when i move the screen near oceans and ships, it gets laggy, because the ships in that game have a really high resolution
in that case, turn down your graphics in the game. I think this all stems from a lower end video card
buy a new one
DX9.0c or DX10 card

i have a ATI Radeon 9200 SE, it was AWESOME....1 year ago, now it runs world of warcraft only lol, new stuff dont work
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well i already turned down the resolution in the game as much as possible

also which video card should i get which is both cheap AND can play new games?
you could just purhcase a fairly cheap add in card, even an nvidia 6x series will kill the IGP you have at the minute, i would check to see if your motherboard has PCI/ AGP or PCIE, if its the latter you could get something from the 8x (8800?).

if you dont want to upgrade you could lower all the settings and see if there is away to turn of the pixel/ vertex shaders in the games as this sounds like it is killing the FPS.

if you want a fairly cheap (under 100) try and get an nvidia XFX 7900GS 256MB (60 quid i think) or if you dont have PCIE just go for a 7600GS/ GT or something like that.
consider getting some more RAM too.

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