Not trying to be mean, but those shoes are absolutely hideous imo. I don't think they follow the chav stereotype because a chav wouldn't be caught dead wearing them.

Again, sorry for being a dick.
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Who cares? If you like the shows, wear them. That's like the same concept of skater shoes. Just because you don't skate doesn't mean you can't wear them.
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they look more "scene" to me
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i didnt even know dunlop made shoes

You are a bit behind.

Not chavvy just quite lame, that's all. Velcro does make it seem rather year 1ish.
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lmao yeah "For The Guys"

They're not chav, just really not that nice
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no, chavvy is all how you wear your clothes, not what you wear
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No, scene and indie kids wear these in Newcastle, i used to have a pair with Dark blue instead of green.

Damn uncomfortable shoes
get converse instead,
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Indie scenester shoes.
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They're not chavvy but i have seen loads of people wearing them so they're pretty generic.
I like them = ]
That was a rare post..

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Yea ive seen them on mostly indie/scene kids - theyre really popular
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I don't mind them, wouldn't get them though - I wouldn't say they're chavvy either.
i have the lace up ones of those and im not a chav and im not scene either lol

did i scare you???
stop putting things into categories, if you like them wear them...who cares if they look chavy
Not chavvy. Scene. All the scene kids are wearing them.
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They're not chavvy. They can look good, depending on what you're wearing.

Don't go around with these on and a Banana suit and expect to be 'Captain Cool'.
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They're not chavvy. They can look good, depending on what you're wearing.

Don't go around with these on and a Banana suit and expect to be 'Captain Cool'.

bannana suit?
No. They look more 'skater' to me.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!