If you're mainly interested in sound quality, I'd say it all sounds pretty good (for what I assume is a home setup?).
The acoustic guitar tones are a bit tinny, maybe a touch of reverb and eq could remove the piezo-ness. If you've got a condenser mic around that'd improve the acoustic tones considerably, instead of using onboard pickups.

The untitled track is awesome! I don't like electronic music much but it's great to hear some sonic experimentation - and it sounds very slick. Keep it up.
Thanks for the crit:]

hey hey my my- It's pretty good:] Sometimes the highstings on the lead or w/e sound a little high pictched, idk if that can be helped or not though.

Untitled- not exactly my favorite type of music, i thought the part in the first minute got a little repetitive, maybe it should be shorter, but that's just me>> I can't find any major problems with it:]

Gone - I think the guitar should be just a little louder, nm though, it's a pretty good song though:]