Had the chord progression in mind. Was messing on my keyboard and put on accomp and it came up with a really cool ballad style thing and so i played and recorded it up and then added some guitar. It could sound really cool with some vox so if your interested message me


Check It Out.

It's pretty empty thats why it needs vocals but it could be pretty cool.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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It does sound really flat, er dry, or however you describe it, but I got more interested in it when the guitar came in:] the piano's good, just gets a little repeditive, but vocals would definately help that. I think this is pretty wicked after listening to it all, but at first it kinda bored me.

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yeah... the beginning is pretty boring to be honest, but it gets pretty good after about a minute. I think it could be quite nice with some vocals over it. Maybe you should have a go at recording some makeshift ones yourself just to see how it sounds. The guitar playing is really nice though. It could be a pretty good song