Im a long-time drummer learning guitar for theory and because it's mad fun. i hope to pick up piano and a little bass sooner or later as well.
anyways, im in a nameless band that's great for a relatively new project (3-4 months) and im 14. Im just somewhat bummed out because im only really good friends with the lead guy who sings, writes and plays rhythm. our best songs have been when he and i have sat down and really worked on it to make it sounds good.
The other two band members (beginner bassist and beginner lead guitar) are extremely immature, one being a narcissist who needs to play his **** extra distorted and loud (if he plays anything at all), and the other just being a pain in the ass with no social skills. The problem is that they're both friends with the lead kid also.
I'm really good friends with the lead but don't really know how to handle the situation because the other two have caught on that i'm not really a big fan of them. (the consequence being that the narcissist went to a show with the other two and didn't tell me about it, and them just being lame about certain things). The lead who i'm buds with is pretty passive and introverted in general, and only does anything about it during practices so it's pretty hard to fend for myself. It's alot of fun playing with other people, as I've learned, but since the bassist and the lead guitarists are both in dire need of attention, it's not as enjoyable for me as it used to be. Hopefully he'll catch on eventually.
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find a new band


Bandmates have to be friends, but friends dont have to be bandmates..

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This might belong in Band Management forum but anyways,

You've pretty much done the first thing which is to let them know something isn't working out. Im not sure if you have made it too clear to them yet. If you havent, i think you should, tell them specificaly whats going on instead of just kinda being unfriendly towards them(not being an asshole, but u know what i mean). Just lay down the basics. Also, keep in mind, theres a billion more musicians out there.
Deaf- I like that last part, thats good to keep in mind. I've got a few good musician friends, ill make it clear to them that i'm not really digging what going on, if they listen, great, if not, **** em'. Sooner or later my friend will realize it's not really great with them and we'll start a new project. I can picture it, me, my bassist/guitarist/theory master friend, and this jam/jazz/rock pianist who's outta control.

It'll happen :] and once i get furthur into guitar, it'll get even better.

Thanks for the help guys, I can already tell this is gonna be a good forum.

"i have nothing to say, and i am saying it"