Well, I downloaded something.
It's in .iso.
I extracted it all with WinRAR, but the thing is, during the setup, they request the cd to be put in, how the hell do I do that? I know .iso files are cd image files, and that there is a way, but I really can't figure out, any help would be much appreciated!
Get something like PowerISO. It writes an image to the CD then you put the CD back in and its like an install CD
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Use burning software to burn the iso to a cd. If it's a multiple cd program, you need to extract all the iso's to the same folder, so it knows where to look.
-download Daemon Tools
-open DT and select "mount"
-find the iso file and mount it
-the CD should autostart

edit: if it's a game, you're going to need a cracked exe. which you can get at gamecopyworld.com
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yeah it's meant to be read as a disk image, so either burn it to one or get some iso mounters that allows you to simulate a disk.
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