i need some help

not with really how to use it more like how to make the heavy tones not sound so fake

im not really sure of what to do with that im a noob at direct recording
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When recording with rifftracker to make things sound more meaty double up the riff but use a different tone and have each one coming out of a different speaker. While playing it's just down to fiddling really. Some tones you make sound great when playing but awful when you actually record.

Try recording a riff while using the Smashing preset then record the same thing using Ain't Talking Bout Love but with all the effects turned off. Then have them coming out of different speakers. I recorded the first song here by using them


hope this helps.
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Tubey, were all those songs done in Rifftracker? I just got Rifftracker. Im not getting results as good as you, but Im just starting with it. My drums dont sound as integrated with the guitars and there is some noticible jerkiness between the riffs sometimes. Got any tips?

Your tracks are sounding good.