I mean, is it necessary to have rhyme in songs?

I know that rhyme helps listener remember the lyrics, and that there aren't many songs without rhyme.

But still, there must be some good songs out there without a rhyming pattern. Does anyone have any examples?

Thanks everyone.
no, its not necessary.... there are instrumental songs too..... and rhymes help with the hooks of the song

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It depends on the type of music. It depends on the heaviness of your sound. A lot of metal bands nowadays don't rhyme at all, they just say stuff in time with the instrumentals
type of music?

well, I'm mostly interested in doing accoustic. I'm not entirely interested in doing metal.

I guess if I could describe what sound I was going after, I'd have to say the names "Damien Rice" or "Daveit Ferris (http://www.myspace.com/daveitferris)"

thanks for the replies
i think it depends sometimes ryhme can kinda impair the way you try to get the words across, but as long as hte words flow im pretty sure youll be okay...
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rhyming helps with hooks and gives your song a flow
but if its cheesy and not writtan well, it'l make the song sound like ****.
I personally never rhyme when I write. I feel that they usually make the lyrics or poem sound forced and they also limit your possibilties.
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yea in the begginning i rhymed but it takes away from how good a song could sound so i try not to unless im just totally inspired with some great lyrics
You don't have to rhyme necessarily; it just helps to make a song flow. Some other ways to help a song flow are to use alliteration (using words that start with similar sounds after each other) and by using different combinations of stressed and unstressed syllables.
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Rhyme isn't needed at all... It's just another thing that is available to use for writing. Just like using poetic meter in writing poetry doesn't need to be used and can sound good either way as long as you work it the way you want to.

Just remember if you're going to rhyme:
don't write to the rhyme, rhyme what you write.