I've started learning guitar since the start of this year and im looking for a electric guitar. im into soft/medium rock. Budgets around New Zealand $500. whats a good brand?
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its gotta be either epiphone or squire. both are standered entry level. but for ur style go with a strat cos you get a cleaner tone and they look cool
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He said soft/medium rock, not metal

+1 to the squier but make sure its a high end one,and the telecaster model should do u some good or maybe a bunny or tokai les paul
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You COULD buy the Ibanez... it's a great guitar...
Avoid the B.C. Rich and the Schecter... well it's a good guitar but more metal-orientated...

If I were you I would buy a Epiphone Les paul or Squier stratocaster... but my advice:

Go to a music-shop and just try "every" guitar within your price-range!
See what guitar is the most easy one to handle (just... try how smooth the neck is and if the guitar is balanced...) and if you like/dislike the sound of it
Stratocasters and Les Paul are very diferent sounding guitars but they're both used in rock... For a strato think of Hendrix or Clapton and the les paul gives you a Slash-like sound...

Just try out multiple guitars
^mahogany body, duncan designs, and coil taps are the generic traits of most schecters... none of that screams metal. don't be so close minded.
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Yamaha Pacifica 112 and Roland Micro cube. Get the Pacifica off trademe so it fits your budget.