Hey guys I'm a high school student and i'm saving up for a new guitar. I have an alrite amp (so that isn't a worry) and i've narrowed down the choices to these guitars

an OLP MM1 Axis, OLP MM1 Axis Floyd Rose or an OLP John Petrucci

i play basically anything, but mainly punk and metal but i also want good cleans and would basically prefer a humbucker. Im just a student so i have a limited budget. im in australia and the floyd rose ones worth 555 american and the tune-o-matic models worth 477 american. personally im not really a whammy person but when i wanna use it i tend to go trigger happy so yeah lol and my price range is around 650 australian or 566 american

thanks guys
Hey thread-starter, I live in Australia also, you wouldn't happen to know around-about how much it would cost to get a guitar shipped from the US over here by any chance?
nah i dont really know anything sorry but i think that if you go around enough music stores they might be able to order it in for ya, like some independent store
go for teh schecter! either one... i prefer hardtail to fr but hey if you like tuning everytime you play then go ahead! lol

but seriously the jacksons are okay and they play great but they just aren't as comfortable as the schecters i think. the only downside to a schecter is its kinda heavey... where as the jacksons are a little lighter... so it all depends! but my vote is for the schecter!
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I have one Schecter and I love it. Never would have bought on if I didn't get a good deal on a mint used Hot Rod 39 with case for $175.00. It's a great guitar it plays well and sounds great. I do want another and have been looking for another deal on a used one.