i'm gonna keep this nice and simple:
i have $400 bucks for my first everything
i'm thinking of spending 200 on a 5w palamino and the other 200 on a guitar (thati have not chosen yet)
hopefully the idiots at gc will give me a cable and tuner
does this sound like a good amp for my budget or should i spend a bit more on the amp or get a solid state?

EDIT: i need versatility in my amp but don't plan on playing anything too high gain not much more then classic rock.
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why? as long as i treat it nicely and don't continuously (sp) turn in on and off the tube should last quite a while and tube replacement isn't really that difficult just a simple pull to take it out and then push to put the new one in
Looking this at a personal standpoint, I would rather want more options to experiment with sounds. If you really want to stick with one sound, then I support the purchase of a tube amp. Of course you can buy pedals in the future if you wish to experiment more though...
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ya... and my thought was just that it would last quite a bit longer till i felt a need to upgrade(versus a spider or mg you know).
any other perspectives

EDIT: someone give it to me strait how's guitar for the price range?
any suggestions of better ones no more then 200 usd?
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