I want to spend some savings on my guitar hobby. I'm not really looking for any pedal in specific, but what would make a nice addition. I'm playing an Ibanez GRG170 through a Roland Cube15.

I play mostly classic rock, blues and metal. Stone Sour, Redjumpsuit Apparatus, Our Lady Peace, some Peter Green, AC/DC, Metallica, John Petrucci, Jimi Hendrix and still want to start playing some Clapton. Thanks in advance.
A new amp...seriously.

The Cube 15 isn't going to react particularly well to pedals, it's designed to be a cheap, simple "do everything" package.

For those older, more vintage tones the best investment you could make would be an Epiphone Valve Jr, that'd satisfy your appetite for those sounds far more than the Cube will, pedals or no.
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That's not what I wanted to hear, but I'm naive. A new amp better than the Cube is going to cost me a bit moe than $120 but I'll save. Thanks a lot for the advice. What would you say will a better amp cost me more or less. Lets say 60-100W. Something I'll continue using even one day when I buy I Cronford.
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Save up to buy a really good 50W tube amp. I can safely say you won't need anything larger, and when you do, money won't be an issue

Can you recommend any brands in specific? Will you be able to built a tube amp yourself? I have some knowledge with electronics and my best friend is studying electronic engeneering