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Solid State
3 38%
5 63%
Voters: 8.
ss are the poor mans amp. (that being said I use them) but I have tried tube amps and they are sweet.
Solid States are cheaper, so it's what we learn to use when starting out. Vales/Tubes... Got the warmer tone, are a LOT heavier by general rule, bit more fragile, but worth it in the sound, but SS's are still decent if you get the right ones...
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thought rule of thumb was, Tube = 2x wattage of SS, so 50 tube = 100 SS? If so, then tube looks awesome except for maintenance and expense. Go tube if u get the opportunity is what Im trying to say
I use hybrid amps. They have a tube on the preamp stage in order to get closer to that tube tone, but use a solid state power amp. Still no where as good as a tube amp but better than an SS, and not to hard on the wallet.
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