i just read that the neck is a C profile my previous guitars ,warlock m7 and a crafter rg600 in my opinion are comfortable to play but does anyone know what neck profile they are i cant find this info anywhere

oh the guitar if your interested is a c1 hellraiser fr
You ordered the guitar without having tried it first?
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Go to a guitar store and try it first, the UK started stocking Shecters properly about 6 months back *or at least the shops in Edinburgh* If u can't find the FR it dont really matter, the C series all use the same neck *correct me if im wrong.

Most guitars have a D shaped neck C being the same but doesnt show the fretboard on the letter

Nice guitar by the way but if the necks too big check out an Ibanez S series *just cause I love them * or an RG prestige which use Wizzard 2 necks with flat backs.