Anyone know of a Christmas themed Ska album? Maybe any renditions of christmas songs? I know they're out there, I've heard them on MTV. I think it'd be cool to listen to, but any info would be good.
Mu330 did a christmas album called "Winter Wonderland." They did originals and renditions of christmas songs as well.

Other than that I got nothin'. Hope that helps tho'.
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Yeah, but now I have to find it.

PM me if you want it. I'm not sure of any other ones though.
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not an album but...the Heptones "Christmas Time is Here" is always a classic.
This is my current Xmas e-card greeting this year: http://youtube.com/watch?v=jHy_l8YRY2U
So cute...I love it.

There's a big list here too:

The Trojan Christmas box set looks pretty cool. I'd definately love to hear Yellowman do some Christmas tunes.
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Get Vandals Oi To the World. Even though it's not ska it's still awesome and close enough to what you're looking for. Not to mention it's hilarious .
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Bunch of Believers did an album called "Ska-La-La-La-La". Some of the songs are a bit cheesy, but they had some good ones too.

Also Attila and the Huns are supposed to have a Christmas CD out soon. They said it'd be done at Thanksgiving, but they pushed it back a little bit.
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