Alright, So this is my plan!! I have an old strat thats pretty beat up. Its label on the headstock is Phantom guitars. Ive never heard of them! And so the objective is to fix it up without spending hundreds of $$$.

The neck on this guitar is pretty bad, the tuning pegs don't keep the strings in tune! The body is pretty good, the hardware has rust and stuff.

When I plugged it in, and turn the volume down, theres a little bit of buzzing. How can I get that fixed?

Id like to switch the bridge to a Floyd Rose. And I was planning on switching the neck to a proper Fender-like strat neck with a FR nut.

So, can you guys please answer these following questions for me:
-How to fix the buzz when I turn the volume knob down
-Where to find a cheap, but pretty good Floyd Rose nut neck. (I was thinking ebay).

And thanks!
if it buzzes when the volume is turned all the way down, then it must be a ground wire that came loose.

and for the floyd rose, you will need to have routing experiance or pay to have it done(which isnt worth it)
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