hey guys i have no idea where to put this, so its going in here, please give your advise

right basically im in a band with guys from school we write our own stuff and have been practsieing at my hosue until recently when our nieghbours went skitz and told us to shut up or else.... so we havnt practised in a quile but even after only about 3 proper rehersals all together in my garage we are at giging quality already, basicly because our guitarest rights all the music on Guitar pro and sends it to the bassest so there isnt much learning of the music at rehersals just more playing the tunes to get them all together, weird i no but we find it works, but yeh bascily we finaly found a singer now and are going into a rehersal studio on sunday for the first time, vyer exciting, and basiclly i am very keen on giging, but we are very low on cash and cant get any gigs with out a demo tape of some kind, so i was wondering what the best way to record is for cheap, and i mean cheap, as in less than £20, preferably £10, we are litterlay looking for a way to get our sound onto some form of tape or cd or someting of MP3 , and then send it to people to start egtting gigs, because we have had the usal conditional offer " yeh, im sure your awsome based on the guys in the band, but we need proff before booking you" so i want to no how we can get our sound down in decent enough quality, would a laptop with a mic pluged into it and then recorded through someting like anvil studio work?or any other suggestions ? thanks
depends on what kinda sound card u have on your laptop.
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see if you can get a good mic from a friend and buy a converter that converts the mic into a 3.5 jack so that you can plug a quality mic into your laptop and record using audacity. Keep in mind studio quality is way out of the question good luck!
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cheers. yeh no the mic isnt a prob, the mics there are good and our own mics are half decent ish form when we pratced at home, but yeh that should be fine, cheers
I don't know, I think you'd be surprised at the capabilties of just simple stuff when you're just recording a demo.
My macbook records acoustic guitar & harmonica extremely well, vocals sometimes not so much, but you can usually get 'em to a passable standard with some filters. I can't vouch for any electric instruments I'm afraid, but as I say, I don't think you need to overreach when you're recording a demo.

EDIT: My bad, misread the thread. Disregard this post.
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wlell da best whey is 2 jst not be a tight arse. If you're actually serious about making the band work, then scrape together £100 and get some demos recorded at a studio. They won't be great, but they'll give people an idea of how you sound.
budget recording doesn't work all that well. What my band used to do (before scrounging equipment of someone else... lol) was use a video camera. We tried out a few different placements, and managed to get something from it which was listenable. Im not talking brilliant quality, but you could hear all the parts.

Erm, other options I can think of that would be somewhat cheap (under £100 ~ $200 ??) would be to buy a cheap mixer (try and get one second hand), some microphones and a minidisk recorder. Use the microphones to pick up drums, and go directly into the mixer for guitars and bass. Record all onto minidisc. Then record vocals separately. Then you can rip the instruments and the vocals separately off the minidisk, and mix it on audacity. This might come to a bit more than £100, but if you buy some second hand stuff off ebay, you could do it certainly for less than £150
studio quality for free? simple. find your local college or 6form with a music tech course running, introduce yourself to one of the tutors and ask them nicely if you could provide some of their students with hands on recording experience in the college's studios. or ask around, more people than you might think have home studios or access to them.
cheers guys yeh well to the guy guy who said " cheap bastard " or on those lines, well yeh we prety skint and tbh we prefere to play, not worry about money stuff we are serious so you can fuc off, 100quid is a bit of money mate, yeh i think we will try it with my old mini disc player, it came out ok