Well I'm not advertising this or anything, but I have one ticket to the Black Crusade on Saturday which I can't go to. Since it's too late for me to put it on eBay, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to a site where I can advertise it and if someone wants it they can pick it up from me? I live in North London if that helps.

Thanks a lot

- Charlie
craigslist!or put up a myspace bulletin to see if someone would buy it!
With fat friends there are no see-saws.. just catapults!
Tried that already haha, no one did :P

Edit - will try this craigslist now, never used it before.
is this bull****ting coz there was a guy whose mum wouldn't let him go.
If not LOL.
Hey Meg.
Proud of you.
lol i can't go cause I've gotta go somewhere else now :@

not too bothered though, cause if I went the only band I'd go to see is Trivium
Take it to school if you're still in school. I had an old b.C. Rich KKw warlock and I took it to school to sel it it and I traded it to some one for a Washburn bass worth a lot more than the warlock. School= best place to sell things.